Preview: NARS Fall 2012

For those new to my blog, I have an almost obsessive-compulsion to do a happy dance when NARS releases a new collection.  For those who have been reading my blog for quite some time, you’re probably wondering what’s taken me so danged long to post about the NARS Fall 2012 collection.  For a quick rundown of all the items, please see my article up on (yep, I’m contributing over there as well).


Clockwise from top: NARS Rouge Tribal Larger Than Life lipgloss, Outlaw blush, High Society Eye Shadow Trio

I purchased the items I was most interested in once when were available after me stalking appearing on the site.  Rouge Tribal Larger Than Life Lipgloss, High Society eye shadow trip and Outlaw blush were purchased by me and are a most welcome addition to my Fall makeup wardrobe.


NARS Fall 2012 Swatches from bottom: Outlaw Blush, Rouge Tribal, High Society Eye Shadow Trio (w/ flash)

Rouge Tribal Larger Than Life Lipgloss

I was quite disappointed that for Fall 2012 Francois Nars did not include one of the lovely matte lip pencils I’ve become addicted to.  However, the color of this lipgloss is so gorgeous, so flattering to deep skin tones that I couldn’t help but fall in love with Rouge Tribal. With a vampy burgundy tone with metallic shimmer, it shows up very easily on the lips though there will be some settling in lip lines.  Personally I can’t wait to wear this lipgloss with Mekong and Night Star eye shadow singles.


NARS Rouge Tribal Larger Than Life Lipgloss for Fall 2012

High Society Eye Shadow Trio

Color me so pleased at this cool-toned trio of shades.  NARS’ High Society eye shadow trio consists of three shades: a light frosty lavender, a matte midtone green (a bit lighter than NARS Fuji eye shadow single) and a deep  violet purple shimmer shade. I picked up this trio mainly because as I own the Marie Galante eye shadow duo from the NARS Spring 2012 collection, the two should go together quite well.


NARS High Society Eye Shadow Trio for Fall 2012

Outlaw Blush

Color me devastated when I tried to find this color last fall and found out it had been discontinued!  Thankfully NARS had pity on blush addicts like me and re-released this gorgeous rose gold shade.  It is lighter than Taos with more of a cool undertone.  Like with all NARS blushes the translucent pigments made the color easily buildable on dark skin and does not turn ashy.


NARS Outlaw Blush has returned for Fall 2012!

I plan to start testing these items for wear beginning this week and should have a review up within the next few weeks or so.  What I can tell you is that while the eye shadow trio is nice, for me the stars of this release are the Rouge Tribal lipgloss and the Outlaw blush. Budget still crunched? NARS blushes are THE thing to have and considering they also make great eye shadow bases, go for it.

The Fall 2012 collection is now available at and should be appearing on, within the next few weeks.


NARS Fall 2012 — Are you feeling it?

Spring 2012 Chanel Blush Horizon in Eclat Douceur: The Rundown

It stared at me from across the Chanel Spring 2012 display, seducing me with its beautiful bright stripes and luxe black case. I heard a whisper that say, “Buy me!” So I finally found that AMEX birthday gift card I’d been hoarding and put it towards this beauty:


Contents of the box include blush, slanted brush and velour pouches for both.

Chanel’s Spring 2012 Blush Horizon in Eclat Douceur (Soft Glow) has to be the jewel of the collection. Retailing for $58 USD, it is a variegated blush that when stroked across all colors with a brush, yields a peachy pink color that reminds me a big of NARS Orgasm but sheerer. The color is buildable from sheer to a bright glow and the pigments are translucent enough not to appear ashy on women of color. I did not feel I had to work extremely hard to get the color to appear ( *cough* Benefit Hervana *cough).

As I have oily skin, if a blush is not pigmented enough my skin will eat it away pretty quickly. So for me and for other women of color I always recommend wearing a sheer wash of a creme blush underneath before using a powder blush such as this. For application of this Chanel blush, I used a densely-packed brush (MAC’s Split Fibre cheek brush) to pat it on and build to the intensity I wanted then blended out as necessary. I do not recommend using a standard issue blush brush. The brush included with this blush is densely packed, angled and applies very nicely.

This is definitely a pricey purchase but if you do not own one of these, I highly suggest picking one up. The pigmentation is gorgeous, the shade very flattering on both cool and warm skintones, and buildable enough to be visible on women of color.

Enough of my blathering, on to the picSpam!


Blush Horizon de Chanel--mint in the box for Spring 2012


Back of the Spring 2012 Blush Eclat Douceur...made in Italy?!? Whut?!?


Sideways view--absolutely fabulous!


Closer look without the flash (HDR).


Swatches of Chanel Horizon blush from top: Over NARS Loukoum cream blush, alone, Over NARS Cactus Flower cream blush, alone. (No flash, HDR)


Swatches of Chanel Horizon blush from top: Over NARS Loukoum cream blush, alone, Over NARS Cactus Flower cream blush, alone. (with flash)


Chanel Spring 2012 Horizon Blush over Sofia Kashuk for Target creme blush in Rosey


Close up of Chanel Blush Horizon from Spring 2012 collection. Gives a nice warm glow to dark skin when placed over cream blush.


Chanel Spring 2012 Horizon Blush over Sofia Kashuk for Target creme blush in Posey