Chanel Summer 2012 NOW AVAILABLE

The Chanel Summer 2012 collection is now available for purchase at  Not sure when it will hit regular stores but I’d suggest calling your favorite Chanel counter to find out the exact date.

Chanel Summer 2012 collection now Available!

Makeup Intelligence: Chanel Summer 2012 [Updated!]

UPDATE! This collection is NOW AVAILABLE on‘s website.

Thanks to, there are some preliminary images of Chanel’s Summer 2012 collection.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Chanel 2012 Summer Collection -- Pretty heavy on the warm colors. (source:

I really can’t say I’m enthused about this collection.  The colors skew too warm for me and the palette is rather bland.  This is definitely a collection for those who aren’t big risk takers in the color department this Summer.  What are your thoughts?

Chanel Summer 2012 Collection -- Release date TBC

Chanel Summer 2012 Collection -- Release date TBC

Spring 2012 Chanel Blush Horizon in Eclat Douceur: The Rundown

It stared at me from across the Chanel Spring 2012 display, seducing me with its beautiful bright stripes and luxe black case. I heard a whisper that say, “Buy me!” So I finally found that AMEX birthday gift card I’d been hoarding and put it towards this beauty:


Contents of the box include blush, slanted brush and velour pouches for both.

Chanel’s Spring 2012 Blush Horizon in Eclat Douceur (Soft Glow) has to be the jewel of the collection. Retailing for $58 USD, it is a variegated blush that when stroked across all colors with a brush, yields a peachy pink color that reminds me a big of NARS Orgasm but sheerer. The color is buildable from sheer to a bright glow and the pigments are translucent enough not to appear ashy on women of color. I did not feel I had to work extremely hard to get the color to appear ( *cough* Benefit Hervana *cough).

As I have oily skin, if a blush is not pigmented enough my skin will eat it away pretty quickly. So for me and for other women of color I always recommend wearing a sheer wash of a creme blush underneath before using a powder blush such as this. For application of this Chanel blush, I used a densely-packed brush (MAC’s Split Fibre cheek brush) to pat it on and build to the intensity I wanted then blended out as necessary. I do not recommend using a standard issue blush brush. The brush included with this blush is densely packed, angled and applies very nicely.

This is definitely a pricey purchase but if you do not own one of these, I highly suggest picking one up. The pigmentation is gorgeous, the shade very flattering on both cool and warm skintones, and buildable enough to be visible on women of color.

Enough of my blathering, on to the picSpam!


Blush Horizon de Chanel--mint in the box for Spring 2012


Back of the Spring 2012 Blush Eclat Douceur...made in Italy?!? Whut?!?


Sideways view--absolutely fabulous!


Closer look without the flash (HDR).


Swatches of Chanel Horizon blush from top: Over NARS Loukoum cream blush, alone, Over NARS Cactus Flower cream blush, alone. (No flash, HDR)


Swatches of Chanel Horizon blush from top: Over NARS Loukoum cream blush, alone, Over NARS Cactus Flower cream blush, alone. (with flash)


Chanel Spring 2012 Horizon Blush over Sofia Kashuk for Target creme blush in Rosey


Close up of Chanel Blush Horizon from Spring 2012 collection. Gives a nice warm glow to dark skin when placed over cream blush.


Chanel Spring 2012 Horizon Blush over Sofia Kashuk for Target creme blush in Posey

Spring 2012 Chanel Les Vernis in June: The Rundown

Spring 2012 colors already? I love you Chanel but it isn’t even Christmas yet!


Unboxing 'June': The Limited Edition Chanel Spring 2012 nailcolor on everyone's list!

When I saw the Chanel Spring 2012 display my eyes immediately went to the Horizon Blush and the pretty apricot-colored nail polish called ‘June’. Part of the three (3) nail polishes from this collection (a red called ‘April’, a bright pink called ‘May’), June is a semi-sheer apricot crème that is not as visually stunning like Peridot or Black Pearl but it has a softness to it that goes with the theme of Spring.


Chanel's Les Vernis in 'June'. A pretty apricot creme that screams Parisian Spring.

For dark-skinned women, oranges look particularly good on the nails and as this is an apricot color (which is darker than peach but lighter than orange) I feel it would work better for those with warm skin tones. Cooler skin tones like mine can wear this color, but compared to some of the corals I own it’s easy to see that while June is very wearable, it doesn’t ‘pop’ as well. The upside is this color is very muted and work-safe regardless of your undertones.

In terms of performance, Chanel’s polishes get high technological marks.  I’ve really never run into a serious chipping issue with their polishes (I’d always nicknamed it The Greatest when it comes to polishes until Rescue Beauty Lounge came along).  Coupled with Illamasaqua’s base and top coat, Chanel in ‘June’ kept is shine and integrity through a grueling day of driving, typing, writing database code and household chores.  Even without a base and top coat Chanel’s colors resist incidental chipping extremely well.

Luxury costs, as you all know and Chanel charges accordingly.  All of the polishes in this collection are $25 each.  This isn’t an extremely unique color and I feel you can find something at a lower price point that looks comparable.  I’ve included swatches of other colors along with June to give you a color range idea.


From left: Hot Ticket 'Coral-Reef-ined', Chanel 'June', Sally Hansen 'Snappy Sorbet'


From bottom: The Balm'Coral Reef-ined', Chanel Vernis in June, Sally Hansen 'Snappy Sorbet'


June photographed indoors with flash


Chanel 'June' photographed indoors without flash


Chanel 'June' photographed indoors without flash (HDR)