Saturday Lip Love: Red Fatale L’Oreal Infallible Lip Gloss

Happy Saturday, loves!


Red Fatale long-wearing Lip Gloss by L’Oreal. Blue-red lovers rejoice!

On Saturdays I rarely wear makeup as I’m usually doing ‘domestic engineering’, running errands and checking work e-mail (I know, really bad). Three things I absolutely do not go without are powder foundation, mascara and lip color.

Hence these Saturday Lip Love posts.

I’ll be posting every Saturday or so with the current lip product I’m currently in love with so much so that I want to share about it. This week we start with a brand I’ve been hanging with ever since high school, L’Oreal. I present for your consideration, L’Oreal’s Infallible 8 hour lip gloss in Red Fatale.


Red Fatale is a screaming blue-red cream finish lip gloss that L’Oreal claims lasts 8 hours. It is the kind of red reminiscent of 1940’s pin-up girls, Marilyn Monroe and Gwen Stefani. If you have cool to very cool undertones, this is definitely worth the $7 – $9 (or $2.49 at Ulta Beauty through the end of this month). It isn’t super sticky and dries down to a semi-tacky finish. If you are looking for a gorgeous color to punch up your lips while running out and about, this is definitely worth picking up.

And since I went to High School in the 80’s, enjoy listening to Cherrelle & Alexander O’Neal sing ‘Saturday Love’. Many times this song was playing either on the radio or through my Sony Walkman speakers as I slid on my lip color before cheerleading duty at football games or before a long day of work to make money to haul more L’Oreal makeup.

Moxie and Killa Red by Rescue Beauty Lounge: The Rundown

By now most of you know of my undying devotion to Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes. Yep, I’m a crazy RBL and want everyone to know it. I got into the RBL polish collecting game late so I missed out on two nail polish shades so cool, so amazing, so stunning I was soo dissapointed…until the Vintage BIB voting brought them back.

So for your consideration and evaluation, I present to you, from the Vintage Bring it Back voting, the two ‘Terror Twins’ of RBL, Moxie and Killa Red! :::cue me putting on Don King hair and yelling ‘Only in America’:::


Rescue Beauty Lounge (RBL) Moxie and Killa Red from the Vintage BIB collection


Can you handle these? Of course you can!


Candlelight in a bottle—that is what Moxie is in a nutshell. This is a beautiful white gold frost that I believe would look subtle on warm skintones but on cool skintones like mine it commands attention. On both skin tones your nails look like glowing orbs. Weird, I know but the effect is hella sexy. Moxie is somewhat sheer in one coat, opaque in two coats and richer with three coats. As this is a frost finish there can be some visible ‘brushstrokes’ if you look really close but I usually attribute that to me being impatient and not letting each coat dry completely before adding another one. When I wore this color out I got a lot of compliments—especially from women of color.


RBL Moxie: It is truly candlelight in a bottle.


RBL Moxie. 3 coats. God how I LOVE this color. Glows like an angel.

The only color I have similar to Moxie is NARS Versailles.  Versailles has yellow-gold shimmer which doesn’t look all that hot against my cool skintone.  It’s even more pronounced next to Moxie and you can see how much more white-gold it is.


From top: RBL Moxie, NARS Versailles, RBL Moxie (w/ flash)

Killa Red

I am usually not a fan of red nail polishes. Not because of the color (I love red) but because of the undertones. With this color, Ji has come up with the best, most awesome, most-kick ass blue-red cream nail polish that trumps even Chinoise (my other favorite blue red). Where Chinoise seems more trendy, Killa Red is ‘grown and sexy’. It also has a rich translucence that borders on gothic. The color is rich and is opaque in one coat, even more stunning with two coats. I would double-up on the top coat simply to further enhance the shine and dimension of this color.


RBL Killa Red: the most perfect blue-red cream

RBL Killa Red. 2 coats. WERK!

End of Line Recommendation

As with all RBL polishes I own so far, I get a little over a week of wear with this and only minimal tip wear. As I work in IT I type a LOT (over 120wpm) so while I do expect my nail polish to wear at the tips, shattering and sending dangerous shards of nail polish isn’t something that happens with RBL. In other words, no chipping. Cost per bottle is $18 and free domestic shipping is offered for orders over $100 ($200 for international orders) at Remember, Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are 5-Free and Made in the USA. So are you seriously itching to get these? You should. But don’t wait to long as they are only available for a limited time and once the supply is gone, it’s gone until Ji decides it’s time to bring it back.

If you’re a edgy yet classy dame, I’d suggest wearing a Killa Red pedi with a Moxi mani. If you don’t think you fit this bill, check out the video below by one of my favorite music icons, Dame Shirley Bassey. You know she’d rock this combo and rock it hard.