Sneek Peek: BIB2 Rescue Beauty Lounge

Next round of Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes in my swatch queue. From left: Mismas, Locavore, Orbis Non Sufficit.


Keeping Up With The Beauty Is A Geek

As Newton’s First Law of Gravity infers: an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. That outside force seems to be my posting directly to the blog.

Star Trek had Uhura, I have an iPhone I nicknamed

My trusty iPhone, Uhura, provides me with multiple ways to inform, interact and provide feedback in addition to regular blog posts. So check out the following links for how to see where I am, what I’m checking out, what’s caught my eye and any ‘hot news’ I may have heard.

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Cyber Monday deal: You Down with OCC?

Hell, you know me!!!

Obsessive-Compulsive Cosmetics is an indie brand with a killer color palette.  And in honor of Cyber Monday they are offering 20% off all cosmetics!  This is the 3rd most coolest Black Friday offering (behind TheBalm and Sugarpill) so definitely jump on it.

You want lip tars.  Seriously.  I highly recommend Anime, Narcissus and Hootchie.

Here are the deetz about how to get the discount: via


1. Before adding any items to your shopping cart, go
2. At this login page, use guest as the Username, and cyber as the Password. Both are case-sensitive!

3. Shop away as usual! Remember, the price will not change in the product descriptions, but will be reflected while you’re adding your selected product to your cart!

Rescue Beauty Lounge ‘Anne’: The Rundown

She is the most infamous of Henry VIII’s wives and as such, requires an equivalent nail polish.


'Anne' by Rescue Beauty Lounge: As rich and bewitching as Henry VIII's second wife.

Originally from the ‘The Real Tudor Housewives’ collection, brilliantly concieved and brought to fruition by Ji Baek’s Rescue Beauty Lounge luxury brand, Anne is an olive frost finish with pink shimmers. Ji describes this polish as, “Rumored to be a sorceress, Henry’s second wife lends her short-lived name to this bewitching olive green with a pink-gold metallic iridescence.” Another dimension to this polish is that it gives off a complex ‘brocade’ effect in low light and a rich shimmer effect in outdoor light.


The closer you look, the more interesting the shade becomes. Truly a seductress.

As is my experience with most of the RBL polishes, this goes on smoothly, is opaque in one coat and there is very little difference between how the color looks in the bottle and how it looks on my nails. Even after a week with intense 120 wpm typing, I get minimal tip wear and absolutely no incidental chipping (knocking my nails against the microwave doesn’t count). The best presentation of Anne is to use it with a high-end glossy topcoat like RBL’s own brand or MAC Overlacquer. I do NOT recommend using Seche Vite to quick-dry RBL polishes.

Dont 'cha wish your nail polish color was hawt like me?

If you are one who does not like to blend in but make an elegant statement when you stand out, this polish is an excellent candidate for you. Because of the intense pigmentation, this polish looks amazing on women of color. With the balance of pink iridescence against olive I feel this color will work with both cool and warm skintones. For reference in the swatches, I have a very cool skintone with red undertones.

RBL polishes retail for $18 a bottle , are ‘Five Free’ and are available only at As Anne is a limited edition, once the supply is gone, it’s gone. My suggestion is to haul this as much as your wallet will allow. Ji graciously gives free shipping to all US orders over $100 USD and International orders over $200 USD.