Chanel Spring 2012: Sneek Peek

Walked into Bloomingdales today and what did I see?

Chanel Spring 2012 looking at me!


I picked up only two items (this collex was supposed to come out in frakking January 2012!!!) which is the blush and the July peach polish. Will put up a review and swatches as soon as I can.

Sneek Peek–Hervana blush by Benefit

Look what the Sephora fairy brought today!


Hervana is yet another cool addition to Benefit Cosmetics iconic line of blushes. It went on sale for one day on December 5th and won’t be available for general purchase until January.

Swatches and impressions to come later this week but in the meantime, dear readers, rest assured Team Brown Girl is covered on this one.

Sneek Peek–Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

A sweet haul from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics at 20% off from their Black Friday sale. I picked colors I thought would be great for Resort 2012 even though my Caribbean cruise isn’t until Christmas 2012 (Resort 2013).

Swatches will go up later this month as I picked up a motherload of stuff from TheBalm that I’m so excited to share with you all!


UPDATED > Color Hack: MAC for Gareth Pugh

I’m a real geek when it comes to colors. I take notice of how they look, how they ‘sound’ and how much they look like others in the ROYGBIV spectrum. So when other bloggers start proving my tendency of detecting ‘color hacks’ right, I feel vindicated.

Such is the case with the MAC for Gareth Pugh collection.

You can read the rant I did a few weeks ago about the collection and see my swatches but this post concentrates on the nail polishes. There are two of them in this collection: Ascension and Hyper. Both are beautifully packaged and both hideously overpriced at $23 for .30 oz. And you don’t have to be a math nerd like me to know that’s -0.2 oz than in a bottle of Chanel or China Glaze and -0.1 oz than a bottle of butterLONDON.

Looking at Temptalia‘s swatches, Ascension seems to be a bit ligher and have more of a greenish cast to it than Deborah Lippman’s ‘Wicked Game’. Hyper looks to be pretty danged close to China Glaze’s ‘Blue Years Eve’ from their Holiday 2011 collection (an absolutely stunning color). Both bottles have stunning packaging and a unique shape so if you’re a collector for these reasons, or are just totally infatuated with Gareth Pugh (for me it’s Michael Kors and Tom Ford but I digress), I wouldn’t fault you for indulging.

Deborah Lippmann is $16/ bottle, China Glaze averages $7 a bottle. MAC for Gareth Pugh is $23/bottle. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it. For me personally, having DL’s Wicked Game and CG’s ‘Blue Year’s Eve’ in my stash provides better color and better value.


'Wicked Game' by Deborah Lippmann, 2 coats. A more intense 'color hack' of Ascension from MAC for Gareth Pugh.


'Blue Year's Eve' by China Glaze, 2 coats. A more vibrant 'color hack' of Hyper from MAC for Gareth Pugh.

Makeup Intel: MAC Shop Shop Shop / Cook Cook Cook

Get those credit cards ready, LAUNCH DATE IS FEBRUARY 9 2012 US / MARCH 2012 INTERNATIONAL. (Source:

And here’s the color story!

Notice something different?  Yep, I’ve got a ‘money shot’ of some of the goodies from the S3/C3 Spring 2012 collection from MAC.  This is the kind of stuff you score when listening to the ‘chatter on Twitter.  Enjoy!


MAC Shop Shop Shop, Cook Cook Cook collection (source: , props to Kia of for the intel)


Lady Bunny shows the MAC trainees how to werk the S3/C3 collection (source:

UPDATED > More promo pics HERE! And HERE!

I’m most excited about the Tendertones, Fluidlines (never can have too many) and the Kissable lip colors (looks like Flaunting It is being repromoted in this collection!).

Wow, wow and WOW!


This looks to be an extremely colorful collection tentatively slated for release Feburary 2012 North America/March 2012 International. For more information and ZOMFG pics, check out the scoop Specktra has on this collection.

More information available over at Major props to the gals who run that site. Please do show them love and drop by the forum.