Blog Update!

If you ever think of moving right after returning from vacation–DON’T!

Seriously, dear readers, I apologize for my absence.  The bad thing about moving is everything is slowing being unpacked which means I can barely find anything.  The good thing about moving is it forces me to start looking at what I have and generate serious brainstorming about upcoming beauty blog posts.

So with that said, let’s get on to what’s coming up soon for!

Six Month Birthday

I can hardly believe it’s been six months since I got prodded into starting this blog.  Over the past six months I’ve been blown away by the interest, subscriptions, support and comments from each and every one of you.  Looking forward to providing more great info and interaction for you all!

Summer Travel Beauty

With the summer travel season about to begin, I’ll be doing a few posts about packing for beauty while travelling, and beauty in extreme elements like dry heat (California) and intense humidity (Florida).


Now this I’m really excited about!  Who doesn’t like to get free stuff, right? After I get my inventory situation settled, I will be having a giveaway.  Details will follow on the blog when everything is all ready to go.

Fall Beauty Sale

After almost two years of hoarding makeup, it’s time to clear space for some new items.  The sale will most likely be held in late summer.  As with the giveaway, details will follow later.

Social Media

If you’ve been following my photo posts via Flickr, you will notice I prefer to post a lot of pictures of beauty products I spot.  In addition I post to Tumblr and soon will be posting to Pinterest.

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