Preview: NARS Summer 2012 Collection

Bet you all thought I forgot about the Summer 2012 offerings from NARS, right?  Nope, I’ve just been slow about it.

NARS Summer 2012 Collection

And rolling right along with the Summer preview posts we continue on with the pieces I picked up from NARS’ Summer 2012 collection!


My favorite pieces from the NARS Summer 2012 collection


Trouville is a gorgeous seashell pink--stunning!


A hurried full-faced look featuring NARS Summer 2012 collection (Desire blush and Hungry Heart highlighter on cheeks)

Chanel Summer 2012 NOW AVAILABLE

The Chanel Summer 2012 collection is now available for purchase at  Not sure when it will hit regular stores but I’d suggest calling your favorite Chanel counter to find out the exact date.

Chanel Summer 2012 collection now Available!

Preview: Guerlain by Emilio Pucci [Summer 2012]

At times like this, it pays to be a Sephora Beauty Insider.  Why? Because I got first crack at ordering pieces from this collection I’ve been waiting for w/ baited breath.


Finally in my possession--the Guerlain by Emilio Pucci collection for Summer 2012.

The collection is only available for purchase now by Sephora Beauty Insiders but should be available for sale to the general public in time for it’s publicized May release date.  My advice is to keep stalking Sephora, Nordtrom and Neiman Marcus websites for the launch.  Considering how fast the Cruel Gardenia highlighter went, the limited edition meteorites from this collection should go just as quickly if not faster due to the Pucci name.

Individual product reviews to come in the next few weeks or so but in the meantime check out the picspam and comments!


These smell absolutely divine! Even if you bought them to scent your lingerie drawer they'd be worth it.


Pucci print all over in my favorite colors.


The eye shadow palette in warm colors are perfect for women of color.


The cult classic returns in a striking indigo color.


The Emilio Pucci brush. You cannot call yourself a Pucci fan and not get this.

Wen Spring Gardenia Cleansing Conditioner: The Rundown

The Gardenia, both domestic and Tahitensis, is my favorite fragrant flower.  Florida is rampant with them and the smell reminds me of springin the South.  The lush, sophisticated and heady scent is what makes it a favorite floral note in most fragrances I’ve ever worn.  So when I got wind that Wen Hair Care had come up with a Gardenia scent, I jumped onto the QVC website and scored myself a bottle.


Spring has sprung from Wen! Introducing the Spring Gardenia Green Tea Cleansing Conditioner

Wen’s Spring Gardenia Green Tea Cleansing Conditioner is a limited edition fragrance.  It is sold in 16oz bottles and comes with a pump to replace the cap with.  The bottle is a boston round brown plastic and the product inside is white and has no perceived added color.  At first whiff the smell is fresh and inviting but frankly it does not smell like the gardenia flowers I know and love.   It smells more herbal than floral so that let me down a bit.  Still it is a It is a very soothing scent and not jarring to the nose.

I first used this cleansing conditioner in Pennsylvania just to check the results but was more interested in what would happen when it was used in extreme temperatures.  When used in Florida after swimming in a highly-chlorinated pool both to cleanse my hair and as a leave-in conditioner/styler, both my hair weave and natural hair at the temples and scalp were soft, moisturized and didn’t feel hard or brittle.  Granted the humidity in Florida wasn’t nearly as oppresive as in the summer, ar around 50 – 80% humidity I didn’t notice any frizz or swelling even after walking around the Magic Kingdom at Disney World for several hours afterwards.  I also tried this on my daughter’s naturally kinky-curly hair and the Gardenia cleansing conditioner not only left it soft and moisturized, but further defined the curl pattern of her hair when I used it as a leave-in conditioner. Very nice bonus!


A gorgeous gardenia I shot while on vacay at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside resort in Florida

As with the Tea Tree formulation (which I will review at a later date) I divided my weave hair into two sections and used approximately 5 – 6 pumps per section.  I used one pump to distribute at my hairline and neckline where my natural hair sticks out.  After working into the weave hair I used another 2 – 3 pumps per section to work into my scalp and inbetween the weave tracks.  I left the product on for about five (5) minutes while I completed my shower and then using a genuine Denman (UK made, not Chinese) wide styling brush, gently detangled my hair from the ends to the roots. This helps to detangle curly hair and to further cleanse/condition the hair with the cleansing conditioner.  I then rinsed the hair completely with warm water, towel dried the hair and then used another 2 – 3 pumps per section (2 sections) another one pump for the hairline and neckline.

There is no denying I am absolutely estatic about the results I’ve gotten with this Wen fragrance and the Tea Tree one (which I prefer due to my cranky scalp).  While I’ve always loved the smell of Philosophy’s 3 in 1 Bodywash/Shampoo/Conditioner, the sulfates just stripped my hair.  Carol’s Daughter’s Rosemary Mint Shampoo & Conditioner give comparable results but they are two separate products.  This product is so wonderful to have on hand and importantly for travel I consider it a staple in my hair regimen.  And if you are an impatient Type-A like I am and/or have squirmy kids this is one less step you need in order to wash their hair.


Check out all the great stuff in this Wen Cleansing Conditioner

Wen Gardenia cleansing conditioner is a nice spring scent and I’m glad I tried it but it won’t replace my love for the Tea Tree formulation. It doesn’t give my scalp that cool tingly feeling like with the Tea Tree and I’ve also noticed it doesn’t keep my cranky scalp under control very well.  From what I hear this is a limited edition scent for the  spring season so if you’re interested in getting it please keep that in mind. Once the supply is all gone it’s all gone.

Retail price for a 16oz pump bottle is $40.00 USD.  While the price does seem quite steep, remember this is a sulfate-free formula which is great for ethnic hair, and combines shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner & detangler all in one product.  Wen does sell a separate replenishing mist in other scents but if you combine 4 parts distilled water (I prefer Fiji water) to 1 part Wen cleansing condntioner and put it in a pump bottle you’d essentially have the same thing.  Mix 3 parts wate with 1 part Wen cleansing conditioner for a nice detangling spray.

Wen’s Gardenia cleansing conditioner is available at, but I prefer to order mine from where it is now available and usually for a cheaper price.

Preview: Deborah Lippmann Mirrored Chrome Nail Polishes

Let me just give a HUGE shout-out to Neiman Marcus customer service. These polishes would up shipping way earlier than planned and were headed straight for my old address. One call to NM and they were rerouted safely to my new doorstep.

And here are photos and swatches of these new chrome finish colors from Deborah Lippmann! Review to follow at a later date but let me just say if you are a fan of the metal finishes, you need these in your stash. They are now available for order at and


Deborah Lippmann's new Chrome finish polishes in Sugar Daddy, Private Dancer and Swagger Like Us.


From top: Sugar Daddy, Private Dancer and Swagger Like Us. 2 coats.


Deborah Lippmann Chrome Finish polish in Sugar Daddy


Deborah Lippmann Chrome Finish polish in Private Dancer


Deborah Lippmann Chrome Finish polish in Swagger Like Us