Cyber Monday deal: You Down with OCC?

Hell, you know me!!!

Obsessive-Compulsive Cosmetics is an indie brand with a killer color palette.  And in honor of Cyber Monday they are offering 20% off all cosmetics!  This is the 3rd most coolest Black Friday offering (behind TheBalm and Sugarpill) so definitely jump on it.

You want lip tars.  Seriously.  I highly recommend Anime, Narcissus and Hootchie.

Here are the deetz about how to get the discount: via


1. Before adding any items to your shopping cart, go
2. At this login page, use guest as the Username, and cyber as the Password. Both are case-sensitive!

3. Shop away as usual! Remember, the price will not change in the product descriptions, but will be reflected while you’re adding your selected product to your cart!

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