Lust Must: Chanel Eau Premiere

Even after sniffing it and gagging when I was 16 years old, the original No 5 still stinks to high heaven as an old lady. Unless it’s Chanel Chance (which was purposely formatted for young chicks like me who said eeeww to their other fragrances) I steered clear of fragrances from this brand and stayed safe w/ Guerlain and Givenchy.

HOWEVER, I got a sample of the Eau Premiere and it is off the chain! So light. sophisticated and smells like nothing else on the market. The spirit of No 5 is there but it will make you think, “It smells a little like Chanel #5 but doesn’t stink like it.”

$88 for 2oz, $125 for 5oz. Go big or go home.

Available at Nordstrom

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