Miss Piggy for MAC: The Rundown


Me rocking MAC's Miss Piggy Pink over NARS Smudgeproof eye shadow primer lined w/ Sephora waterproof Turqouise eye pencil. Lips in 'L'Exuberante' from Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet line.

I absolutely ADORE the Muppets!  I’ve been a fan ever since I used to watch The Muppet Show on TV when I was a kid.  And as a ’big kid’ I have the first 3 seasons of the show on DVD and have worn them out.  My favorite character is Miss Piggy and she taught me early on that a Diva doesn’t settle for anything less than the best.

Which brings me to this offering in her ‘honor’: Miss Piggy for MAC.

Scheduled for online launch on November 14th but in reality didn’t appear on the site for ordering until past the 15th, this is a baby blue-pink eyeshadow in standard black MAC packaging and is classified as a frost finish.  In addition, a Lash #36 and the shows-up-in-practically-every-MAC-collection Penultimate eye liner in Rapidblack.  I only purchased the eyeshadow as I have tons of lashes and have absolutely no interest in the Penultimate eyeliner.

At first glance this is a beautiful cool-toned blue pink that you think would be so pigmented you could just drag your MAC 239 brush across it, swipe it on your lids and BAM!  InstaDiva!  Unfortunately that didn’t happen.  The shadow isn’t very pigmented, hard to even get out of the pan and when you do get precious little on the brush it seems to poof into an ashy promise of what the color in the pan says it should be.  If you want any kind of color payoff, you need to definitely use a primer like NARS Smudgeproof or TooFaced Shadow Insurance.

Strangely enough, this shadow looks the best over the Shine Mixing Medium currently sold on MAC’s website.  This is a PRO product so grab it from the we


Close up of Miss Piggy Pink eye shadow. Don't dare wear this without a base or else you'll wonder where's the eyeshadow at?

bsite while you can (or just roll into a PRO store or call one up to order).  But even with the mixing medium it still looks ‘dull’ so you probably want to layer a white pigment over the mixing medium and then apply this shadow.

A point on using this shadow, and I cannot stress this enough, you cannot swipe this on your eyelind.  While it’s classified as a frost finish it behaves more like a matte when applying.  Pat this shadow on to gradually build intensity.

If I sound a bit bitter it’s because MAC could have done a much better job with this than it did.  A great example is the hotly lusted-after Muppets: Cast Your Shadow palette from the Balm (which I have and will review at a later date).  A great assortment of shadows at a great price value and the performance is good to downright amazing.  Unfortunately this product is the latest example of how independent cosmetic companies are streets ahead on product performance compared to MAC.

Miss Piggy would let out a loud ‘Hi-YA’ and kick this shadow over the Muppets theater balcony.


Miss Piggy Pink swatches from top: Over MAC's Shine Mixing Medium, NARS Smudgeproof, alone.


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