Makeup Intel: MAC Shop Shop Shop / Cook Cook Cook

Get those credit cards ready, LAUNCH DATE IS FEBRUARY 9 2012 US / MARCH 2012 INTERNATIONAL. (Source:

And here’s the color story!

Notice something different?  Yep, I’ve got a ‘money shot’ of some of the goodies from the S3/C3 Spring 2012 collection from MAC.  This is the kind of stuff you score when listening to the ‘chatter on Twitter.  Enjoy!


MAC Shop Shop Shop, Cook Cook Cook collection (source: , props to Kia of for the intel)


Lady Bunny shows the MAC trainees how to werk the S3/C3 collection (source:

UPDATED > More promo pics HERE! And HERE!

I’m most excited about the Tendertones, Fluidlines (never can have too many) and the Kissable lip colors (looks like Flaunting It is being repromoted in this collection!).

Wow, wow and WOW!


This looks to be an extremely colorful collection tentatively slated for release Feburary 2012 North America/March 2012 International. For more information and ZOMFG pics, check out the scoop Specktra has on this collection.

More information available over at Major props to the gals who run that site. Please do show them love and drop by the forum.

Revlon ColorStay Lip Butters: The Rundown

As a woman, lip balms are my friend.  As a woman of color, lip balms are my BFF.  But lip balms plus color?  W00t!!!

Thanks to  a tip-off by The Muse, I dropped into my local Target like a Navy Seal to find these beauties.  Check out the color lineup!


The Display at Target beckons me to come closer...

These butters are so smooth, so moisturizing and range from a hint of color you have to build up (like Gumdrop) to full on in your face almost-lipstick color (Lollipop). At around $6.45 at Target and $7.50 at Ulta and, is it easy to collect quite a few at a frugal price point. I’ve had no performance issues with these and only Gumdrop (a pastel lilac) was a little faint and almost gave me Tyrone Biggums lips but by using just a little or layering it over a darker lip pencil made it work fine.


I grabbed the most vibrant shades that appealed to me.

I believe there are at least ten (10) shades available and probably as many as fifteen (15) by now. I have seen a few new shades creeping into displays at Target and Ulta for Spring 2012 so be aware stock at one store may not be the same at another.  Ulta is running a sale this week [1/9/12] where if you buy one Revlon product you can get a second for 50% off. Print out the $3.50 off $10 coupon from their site to rack up the savings.


They look delicious, don't they?


From left: Gumdrop, Brown Sugar, Tutti Fruti, Lollipop. Swatches on NW43 skintone (indoors with flash)


From left: Gumdrop, Brown Sugar, Tutti Fruti, Lollipop. Swatches on NW43 skintone (indoors with flash)